Welcome to OceanFavor’s latest report on China. In this issue, we delve into the evolving policies and regulations shaping China’s maritime sector.

If you have vessels in China the below reports form essential reading. They come directly from our partner on the ground, the largest, non-state-owned shipping agency in China, Oceanfavor Group.

Port congestion report, China (16th August 2023)

The latest information on congestion in Chinese ports. Per port information for your grains, iron ore, coal and crude oil vessels. This report gives you waiting times, vessels at anchorage and our outlook for future congestion.

View the detailed report for major Chinese ports

➡️ Grains, iron ore and coal

➡️ Crude oil

Detailed China report (15th August 2023)

  • China to better facilitate visas for foreigners with business. China will facilitate the issuance of port visas and multiple renewals for foreign businessmen, according to the Ministry of Public Security and National Immigration Administration. For foreigners coming to China for business negotiations, trade exchanges, installation and maintenance, participation in exhibitions, investment, and entrepreneurship, and who have no time to apply for visas to China outside the country, they can apply for port visas to enter the country with an invitation letter and certification materials of the inviting enterprise.
  • Shanghai port boosts foreign trade with new industries. Shanghai Port, China’s biggest port, achieved a milestone in the first half of the year, with the total value of its imports and exports topping 5 trillion yuan ($695.33 billion), accounting for 25.7% of the nation’s foreign trade.
  • A breakbulk line opened between Changshu and S. Korea.  A new ocean shipping line for breakbulk cargo between Changshu and South Korea was recently opened up in Changshu Xintai port.
  • World first dual wind-wing VLCC called Ningbo. On 1st August, a Hongkong flagged VLCC – M.T. New Eden, successfully came alongside at Daxie crude oil terminal in Ningbo. The tanker is equipped with a pair of wind rotors on her deck, which can reduce the vessel’s fuel consumption and carbon emission.
  • China lifts anti-dumping, countervailing duties on Australian barley. China has lifted anti-dumping and other countervailing duties on imported Australian barley, effective 5th August 2023, the Ministry of Commerce announced.
  • For the full report of 15th August 2023, covering all major Chinese shipping updates, click here



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