The extended dry season this year has lowered the capacity of the Panama Canal by 20-25%. Reduced rainfall and extended hot weather have obliged the Panama Canal Authorities to adopt additional measures. As a result, there will be an average of 10 fewer transits a day.

⚓ New measures to be implemented to reduce the likelihood of additional draft restrictions.

📅 Effective July 30, 2023, the daily transit capacity will be adjusted to an average of 32 vessels per day.

⚓ Priority has been given in Panamax Locks and to full container vessels in the 2nd and 3rd periods.

⚠  As a result of these new conditions, we expect waiting times for unbooked vessels to increase.

🚢 We suggest pre-booking as soon as possible (22 or more days in advance). This will be the less expensive way to mitigate the high waiting times.


For further information, please see the Panama Canal’s official Advisory to shipping 35-2023.



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