🌧 We can tell you one place where the sun is shining today ☀

And it’s not Geneva!

🦁 Check out this sunny update straight from Cape Town, South Africa! 🌞 We caught up with Kanoo’s MD, Jonathan Millar, for an insightful Q&A on South African ports:

Q: With recent geopolitical events, which South African ports are facing issues due to increased vessel traffic?
A: There are no issues at the moment. Durban and Cape Town are experiencing increased vessel traffic due to volume surges, however currently there is no major congestion.

Q: Which is your go-to port for bunkering?
A: For bunkering services with minimal congestion, head to Cape Town. While Durban and Port Elizabeth also offer bunkering, they may entail longer waiting times for vessels solely calling for bunkers. All bunkering operations take place in port, alongside the quay.

Q: What’s your top tip for vessels navigating this route?
A: Depending on your route and estimated time of arrival (ETA), consider using the launch/off-port limits (OPL) services offered at Cape Town, Durban, or Port Elizabeth. Both Cape Town and Port Elizabeth offer the smallest deviation. It is worth noting that Cape Town operates 24/7, whereas Durban and Port Elizabeth are daylight-restricted, so vessel ETA will define which option is a better solution.

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