🚢 Update: Maritime incident affects CJK waters! 🌊

On April 28th, 2024, approximately 30 containers fell into the sea, 50 nautical miles from the CJK mouth.

In response, port authorities have issued essential updates. As of April 29th, bulk carriers are now permitted to navigate in and out of CJK, albeit with a maximum draft of 9.00 meters. Notably, all bulk carriers will resume operations by tomorrow, April 30th, while chemical vessels remain exempt from these allowances.

As we continue to monitor the situation closely, our priority is to provide the latest weather updates for ports across China. Stay informed with our real-time forecasts below.

🌦️ Weather Forecast & Update: April 29, 2024 🌦️

Here’s a summary of recent port closures and reopenings due to adverse weather conditions:

🌬️ Tangshan: Closed from 0240lt/28th/Apr to 0100lt/29th/Apr due to strong winds.
🌬️ Caofeidian: Multiple closures due to strong winds on April 27th and 28th.
🌬️ Qinhuangdao: Closed since 0840lt/28th/Apr due to strong winds.
🌫 Qingdao: Closed from 0243lt/28th/Apr to 2113lt/28th/Apr due to poor visibility.
🌫️ Dongjiakou: Closed from 0130lt/28th/Apr to 1340lt/28th/Apr due to poor visibility.
🌫️ Rizhao/Lanshan: Closed from 0200lt/28th/Apr to 0930lt/28th/Apr due to poor visibility.
🌫️ CJK: Both channels closed from 0525lt/28th/Apr to 0630lt/29th/Apr due to poor visibility.
🌫️ Zhoushan: Closed from 1700lt/28th/Apr to 0700lt/29th/Apr due to poor visibility.

For further information or assistance, contact our team or click here for live updates.


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