Panama Canal vessel slots are expanding! That’s the news from the Panama Canal Authority.

These major updates will impact transit schedules and vessel numbers, effective from May 16th 📅

🔒PANAMAX LOCKS: May 16th to July 14th

– Super vessels: An additional 4 slots (totalling 9 slots) have been allocated during the 2nd period
– Regular vessels: An additional 2 more slots (totalling 3 slots) during the 2nd period.

🔒NEOPANAMAX LOCKS: Starting June 1st

– An extra slot (totalling 2 slots) will be available during the 2nd period.
– Plus, from June 15th, the maximum authorised draft for Neopanamax Locks will be 13.71 meters (45.0 feet) TFW.

*Remarks: Regular vessels have a beam of less than 91 feet, while super vessels have a beam ranging from 91 to 107 feet. Neopanamax vessels boast a beam exceeding 107 feet.


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