The Panama Canal continues to make improvements.  Panama Canal slot auction changes will be implemented next month, here we have the explanations behind the latest changes, directly from Panama and our local partner, CAPAS.

Effective September 1, 2022 the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) will implement changes to slot auctions. These updates will affect slot allocation for Supers (vessels 91 ft. in beam or over) in the Panamax Locks as follows:

  1. Extraordinary auction during the 3rd Booking Period for slots which become available ‘last minute’ (96 hours from the booking date), after the 3rd Period Competition
  2. Auction for one additional slot once all normal booking slots have been taken.
  3. Special auction process for one slot if, during the 3rd Booking Period all slots in one direction have been taken, but slots remain available in the opposite direction.

Read the official Advisory to Shipping No. A-26-2022 for the full details.


  • THIRD PERIOD: This opens 3 days before the requested date, at 0900hrsLT (UTC-5).
  • COMPETITION: The competition usually happens between 0900hrs to 0930hrsLT and is based on customer ranking, if there are any remaining slots after the competition then they will be offered on a first come first served basis until the period is closed (2 days prior the booking date at 1500hrsLT during weekdays and at 1430hrsLT during weekends and holidays).
  • Therefore, point 1, means that if any slots are offered through auction due to a cancellation, change in date, etc. they will be offered after the 3rd period competition, i.e. after 0930hrsLT, 3 days before the requested date.




Do you have vessels in Panama and need more information on Panama Canal slot auction changes, or someone to solve shipping problems before they have even happened? Contact MasOceans SA and together with our local partners in Panama, Capas E.E.V., your port calls will run smoothly.

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