Our local agent in Panama is visiting us in Geneva this week (26-28 June)☀

It is one thing to work with agents across the globe, it is quite another for our customers to have the chance to meet the team in person.

Proving why we always say ‘local means committed’ is Ricardo Young of CAPAS, pictured here with our Commercial Director, Martaxelle Erussard.

Working with local, committed agents makes all the difference for our customers, helping us to:

✔ Solve your shipping problems before they have even happened
✔ Be your point of contact, speaking your language, in your time zone and the local language in your port of call
✔ Raise the level of service by showing you what our proven local agents can do


Do you have vessels in Panama? Contact MasOceans SA together with our local partners in Panama, CAPAS EEV, CORP. – Shipping Agency , your port calls will run smoothly in:

📍Bahía Las Minas (Terminal Granalera & Chevron), Colón 2000, Colón Container Terminal, Oil Tanking, Manzanillo International Terminal, Melones Oil Terminal, P.P.C. Balboa & Drydock MEC, Patsa & Potsa, PPC Christóbal & Telfer Tanks, PSA, PTP Charzo Azul, PTP Chiriquí Grande, Taboguilla.

➡️ Book a port call with Martaxelle Erussard
📞 +41 (0) 22 552 0051
📩 martaxelle@masoceans.com