It was a summit of new beginnings and onward battles.

On June 6th, CTA Association hosted an inspiring Leading Women Summit here in Geneva, Switzerland.

The event focused on addressing the challenges and opportunities for women in Commodity Trading, Shipping, and Finance, and empowering them to step into leading roles and unlock their full potential. 🌍🚢📈

While change is slow in our sector and a gender disparity persists, we’re moving in the right direction. It’s encouraging to hear that more women raise their hands now when mixed groups are asked ‘Who wants to be a trader?’! 🙋‍♀️💪

With nearly 30 years of experience in shipping, Martaxelle Erussard, Commercial Director of MasOceans SA, shared her thoughts:

“We still need to continue making noise. For so many years, this industry was closed off to women. But things are changing. Conferences like the one held by the CTA are vital steps forward.” 🌟📢

During the Leading Women Summit, the CTA unveiled their vibrant new branding with logos and colours inspired by Geneva’s cantonal flag—red and yellow! 🇨🇭✨

It was also a new beginning for Philippe Nasr, who was elected President of the CTA earlier this year. We wish him all the best in his role, which offers so many opportunities to bring together people of different ages, backgrounds, cultures and experience to continuously improve our industry.

Let’s keep pushing for progress and support women in these fields. Together, we can create a more inclusive and prosperous industry! 🚀🌐