🌟 Sharing is caring 🌟

But what has that got to do with shipping?

Our Commercial Director, Martaxelle Erussard, had an inspiring lunch with WISTA SWITZERLAND yesterday! ⛲☀️

Everyone enjoyed the good weather on the terrace by the lake at La Potinière, while hearing all about mentorship and the power of a right attitude in the workplace. Josiane Tistounet, who is leading WISTA’s mentorship programme ‘Sharing is Caring,’ gave a short but impactful introduction, emphasising the importance of mentorship and support.

The event was a wonderful opportunity to meet new faces and see how the WISTA association is growing.

We loved getting to introduce ourselves around the table and connect with amazing people. Here’s to fostering mentorship and community in the shipping and trading industry! 🚢🤝✨