The Panama Canal Authorities have made changes to booking periods 2 and 1.a, as well as to surcharges to LNG Vessels that cancel their pre-booked slots:


  • Booking Period 2 for Neopanamax will be modified from 21 to 4 days prior required booking date to 14 to 4 days booking date.
  • Booking Period 1.a will be modified from 80-22 days to 80-15 days prior the date required to book.
  • LNG Vessels that cancel their booking slots will be charged with an additional surcharge in addition to the normal cancellation booking fee charges already in place (see below), detail of surcharges applicable as follows:
    • $15,000.00 80-31 days from their booked date (0200 LT is the cut off on day 31)
    • $ 25,000.00 30-15 days from their booked date (0200 LT is the cut off on day 15)
    • $ 35,000.00 less than 15 days from their booked date and vessels that do not arrive at Panama Canal Waters within 7 days of the booked date (this also applies in case LNG vessel does not cancel the awarded slot, but fails to arrive within 7 days of their booked date)
  • 0.5 transit reduction in the transit portion of the customer ranking will be applied if the vessel fails to arrive within the next 7 days of the booked date.




>>> See ADV34 for full details

>>> See complete cancellation booking fee table

These changes will be in effect at the beginning of the second (2nd) booking period for slots on October 15th, meaning period opening will be on October 1/0900 LT (UTC-5).


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