1) Personnel on board that require to berth, will be placed under observation and surveillance for no less than 14 days. After this period is completed, they will be evaluated by the Ministry of Health to verify there is no risk, according their criteria.

2) During port operations for international trade vessels that arrive to ports and/or anchoring areas, boarding will only be allowed to personnel whose function is critical for the operation, in which case, they should board complying with sanitary measures. If, due to the same reasons, embarking/disembarking is required, entry will be subject to the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health.

3) Failing to comply with this rule, will be sanctioned according Law 40 dated 16 November 2006, Law Decree Nº1 dated march 15 1969, Law 38 dated July 31 2000, Executive decree Nº 64 dated 28 Jan 2020 and Resolution No. 075 dated 23 Jan 2020.

***We recommend suspension of any crew changes through Panama until further notice***

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