The Panama Canal authorities have confirmed lane outages commencing on July 12th, 2022 at 0001hrs lasting until July 20th, 2022 at 2359hrs.

During this period, ‘condition 2’ (see table below) will be in effect.  As a result, transit capacity will be reduced to fewer than 25 vessels per day (around 21-23 vessels per day). This means that 8-10 fewer vessels will be considered per day, and as result, waiting times will increase.  We strongly suggest you book your upcoming vessels as early as possible.

During Condition 2

  • No more than 6 supers may be booked for transit in the same direction and, of these, no more than 4 with daylight restrictions. The number of daylight-restricted vessels shall not exceed 6, and the number of JIT transit slots may not exceed 1 per direction.
  • No more than 4 regular vessels may be booked for transit in the same direction. Of the 6 slots available, no more than 1 may be allocated to a regular vessel transiting under restrictions, i.e., clear-Cut, daylight hours, or daylight hours in the Cut. The number of JIT slots offered to regular vessels transiting without restrictions will remain at 1 per direction.
  • Super Vessels are vessels with a beam >= 91 feet and Regular Vessels are vessels with a beam < 91 feet.
  • The Panama monthly summary includes the confirmed and tentative lane outages in July for the Panamax Locks and how transit capacity will be reduced and as result WT could increase.



Find out all the details in the below THREE key documents with all the information you need for your vessel:





Do you have vessels in Panama and need someone to solve shipping problems before they have even happened or for more information on the Panama Canal’s May lane outages? Contact MasOceans SA and together with our local partners in Panama, Capas E.E.V., your port calls will run smoothly.

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