Good news from the Panama Canal! Effective immediately (30 May 2024), the Panama Canal Authorities have increased the maximum draft for vessels transiting the Neopanamax locks. It is now 13.71 meters (45.0 feet) TFW.

And a reminder that effective from May 16th additional slots are being made available as follows 📅

🔒PANAMAX LOCKS: May 16th to July 14th

– Super vessels: An additional 4 slots (total 9 slots) have been allocated during the 2nd period
– Regular vessels: An additional 2 more slots (total 3 slots) during the 2nd period.

🔒NEOPANAMAX LOCKS: Starting June 1st

– An extra slot (total 2 slots) will be available during the 2nd period.

*Remarks: Regular vessels have a beam of less than 91 feet, while super vessels have a beam ranging from 91 to 107 feet. Neopanamax vessels boast a beam exceeding 107 feet.


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