This ūüĎáis what we mean when we say we work with local agents.


It’s the view our NISOMAR GROUP colleagues in Kenya have from their offices in Mombasa. We’re not sure you can get much closer than that, although some of our agents around the world try!

This is just one of the differences working with local, committed agents makes for our customers, here are some of the others:

‚úĒ Solve your shipping problems before they have even happened
‚úĒ Be your point of contact, speaking your language, in your time zone and the local language in your port of call
‚úĒ Raise the level of service by showing you what our proven local agents can do


Do you have vessels in Africa and need someone who will solve your shipping problems before they have even happened? If so, contact MasOceans, and together with our local partners, Nisomar, your port calls will run smoothly in:

ūüõ≥ Dar es Salaam, Mombasa and Port Louis

‚ě°ÔłŹ Book a port call with¬†Martaxelle Erussard¬†or¬†Rub√©n Viciano
ūüďě +41 (0) 22 552 0051