Your life is going to be so much easier when it comes to quarantine requirements in China thanks to our agent, Ocean Favor.  Just click on this link to see the latest live port updates on quarantining in all major Chinese ports. It is updated constantly, in line with the latest policies.


How it works

Click on the bubble of each port to see the latest details of the quarantine requirements:

  • GREEN BUBBLE: Indicates that the port is under normal conditions, vessels only need to follow the port line-up.
  • YELLOW BUBBLE: Indicates that vessels will be berthed following a port line-up, PCR tests will be carried out after berthing, cargo operations will commence after negative test results.
  • RED BUBBLE: Indicates either that vessels need to have at least 14 days since departing from the last foreign port, prior to berthing; or that the port is closed due to a specific reason (full details given upon clicking on the bubble).

>>> Live quarantine requirements in China


In addition, we are sharing with you the latest information on shipping in China in the following key report:

Quarantine requirements in China’s main ports – week 4, 2022

>>> Click here for the latest information directly from China: Report on port operations, crew change and COVID







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