Effective 1st July 2023 a disruption charge will be applied to vessels in the Panama Canal.

⚓How will it be applied?

The Panama Canal Authorities have advised that it will be applied to “vessels in harbor movements that present deficiencies or conditions while navigating in the channel of the Canal, effective July 1, 2023. The charge will be classified as low or high, depending on the type of deficiency, and the location of the vessel at the time the deficiency is reported or detected.”

⏱30 min grace period

Vessels that present or develop deficiencies while in the channel will have 30 minutes from the time the deficiency is reported or detected to correct the deficiency or condition to avoid the application of the disruption charge. The disruption charge will be in addition to any other applicable maritime service charges such as tugs and pilotage.

We’ve got the ‘A to V’ of deficiencies that may lead to a charge for you here in the official advisory to shipping, from the Panama Canal Authorities: ADV23-2023



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