BREAKING NEWS: In this video, you are looking at the first grains vessel to leave Odesa. Just listen to the tugboat sounding her horn as she pulls the Razoni out of port this morning (01/08/2022).



Do you have vessels in Ukraine and need information from the ground? Contact MasOceans SA and together with our incredible local partners, MAF, we will get you any information we can.

MAF is our partner in Ukraine for your port calls in: Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy, Berdyansk, Chernomorsk/Illychevsk, Izmail, Kherson, Mariupol, Nikolaev, Odesa, Olvia/Ochakov, Reni and Yuzhny*.

*Currently only grains vessels are permitted to sail and ports are restricted to: Odesa, Pivdenniz and Chernomorsk

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