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Month: May 31, 2022

what is an OPA

EVENT: So what is an OPA? And why should you use one?

So what is an OPA? And why should you use one? That’s what our Commercial Director, Martaxelle Erussard, and our colleague at Transcoma Shipping, Laura

Shanghai lockdown coming to an end

Shanghai lockdown expected to end in June 2022

The lockdown in Shanghai is expected to come to an end by the beginning of June 2022.  This is according to an announcement by the

Progress reaching far beyond

Progress reaching far beyond our jobs and companies

I am no longer a rarity. In fact, you could even say I am verging on being common and can you believe that I am

Panama Canal lane outages

Panama Canal’s May lane outages in two key documents

We’re taking a look at monthly operations and at the Panama Canal’s May lane outages.  These will last from 7th to 20th May 2022. During

Mare Forum 2022

EVENT: The Mare Forum, Geneva 2022

The shipping industry is moving from ‘dinosaur’ to cutting edge. The Mare Forum 2022 and its speakers gave that dinosaur a good prod into action this