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Progress reaching far beyond our jobs and companies

Progress reaching far beyond

I am no longer a rarity. In fact, you could even say I am verging on being common and can you believe that I am happy about that! Let me explain…when I started out in the maritime industry almost 30 years ago it wasn’t easy. There were hardly any women working on vessels or in the ports, and in offices, women were more likely found in administrative roles (it’s actually where my career started) than senior positions.

Jump forward to today and we are more and more present across the whole of the maritime industry. You can see this in the pictures below: they show my colleagues Maria Arosenema of CAPAS EEV, CORP. – Shipping Agency onboard a vessel in Panama, Laura Ferrario, Tramp operations Manager at Transcoma Shipping, showing me around the port of Castellon, Laura and me as speakers at my company’s shipping event, and me on a vessel with Daniel Gillespie in Rotterdam.

Yes, we women are still in the minority, but thanks to changes made in the industry, action taken by organisations such as the International Maritime Organization, STSA (Swiss Trading & Shipping Association), and WISTA Switzerland and steps taken by companies and each of you, things are moving in the right direction.

By investing in equality, the maritime sector is investing in progress for us all, reaching far beyond our jobs and companies.
Martaxelle Erussard

Commercial Director at MasOceans SA


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Martaxelle Erussard

Martaxelle Erussard