Do you have vessels in China?  Click through the below reports and interactive quarantine map from our teams on the ground. These key reports come directly from our partner in China, the largest, non-state-owned shipping agency in China, Oceanfavor Group.

Port congestion report, China (4 Jan, 2023)

The latest information on congestion in Chinese ports.  Per port information for your grains, iron ore and coal vessels. This report gives you waiting times, vessels at anchorage and our outlook for future congestion.

Currently, no ports are shut down, but most ports are facing labor shortages as lots of port workers are infected with Covid. This is linked to national easing of control and prevention measures last week, which saw the number of infections in some provinces peak. Cargo operations were slowed down and port stay of vessels was prolonged. Congestion became heavier, specially in the North.

We continued to see a lack of pilots, which caused delays to vessel turnaround in Yangtze river and Pearl river ports.

View the detailed report for major Chinese ports

Detailed China port update | Week 01, 2023

  • Zhejiang enters COVID-19 infection peak, according to the Zhejiang Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, on Monday. The number of COVID-19 infections in the province has been growing by roughly a million per day in recent days, according to a health risk notice from the centre. With Spring Festival fast approaching, travel will pick up significantly, which will further spread the coronavirus. The notice continued: “The province has stepped into the peak time for COVID-19 infections. Influenza and other respiratory infections are in peak season as well”.
  • International flights return and health policies relax. China Southern Airlines plane took off from Shenzhen International Airport bound for Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on Monday as the airline resumed the
    overseas route after a long hiatus. Tickets for the flight have become hot items, with return tickets for Monday set to sell out, according to a statement released by China Southern Airlines on Tuesday. With the Chinese Lunar New Year approaching, there is a strong demand for international air tickets as China has optimized its COVID-19 policies and the Civil Aviation Administration of China will relax restrictions on international flights starting on Sunday, authorities said.
  • Quarantine requirements remain valid for the time being till 8th January 2023 and expected to modify soon, following the relaxed Covid control policies. Crew joining a vessel at foreign ports and arriving in China within 7 days from departure, must bear a valid nucleic acid test (negative) report issued by a competent testing institution as designated/recognized by local Chinese embassy or consulate within 3 days before boarding.
    Crew joining vessel at foreign ports in last 7 days before arrival will have nucleic acid tests upon berthing by customs in some of China ports, cargo operation will not be allowed until testing results turn out. However, such 7-day ban has been lifted in more and more ports recently.
  • For the full report for week 1 of 2023, giving all operational information, crew change and the latest local Chinese news, click here

The ice report, China (31 Dec 2022 – 6 Jan, 2023)

See our weekly ice report here, giving range, thickness and mapping the zone affected: >>> The ice report

Live port quarantine requirements map for China

The latest information on quarantine requirements in Chinese ports.  Access our live map now, updated constantly with the latest information:  >>> Live quarantine requirements in China

Live port updates in China


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