The Commodity Trading Association (CTA) took on all the tough questions in their ‘Leading Women Summit’ 5th April 2022. Our Commercial Director, Martaxelle Erussard, attended the event at the Mandarin Hotel and enjoyed an evening brimming with panels, discussions and a great ambiance.

We know there is no single, or simple solution to seeing more women in leadership positions in trading, shipping and finance. Panellists pointed out that achieving this can only come from multiple actions on an individual, corporate and country level:

  • INDIVIDUAL – Speak up when seeing gender biases. Support (other) women. Consciously work to change the trend.
  • CORPORATE – Analyse salaries for gender bias. Review company culture.
  • COUNTRY – Consider implementing quotas for companies to have women in key positions.

Implementing these ideas is not without issue. Where we can all agree, perhaps, is that we must prepare our next generation to enter the workplace ready to treat colleagues fairly and without bias. Girls who become women with the confidence to take on any role and expect equal treatment. Boys who become men who see and treat men and women as equals.

Thank you to the CTA, the panel and moderator, and everyone attending – all united in inspiring positive change in the workplace and society.


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