Increase in Panama Canal tariffs in 2023

We are bringing you all the information on Panama Canal tariff increases in three key documents.  These documents, directly from Panama, include the latest updates on changes and details of the tariff increases.

  • Detailed adjustment of tolls – Document produced by the Panama Canal Authority, outlining three different action dates: 1st January 2023, 1st January 2024 and 1st January 2025.  Find out details for changes to tariffs for container vessels, tankers, LPG, chemical carriers, LNG, dry bulk, reefers and passenger vessels – read now
  • Modifications to Maritime Complementary Services Tariffs – Table breaking down the changes to tariffs including: fresh water surcharge, operation fees and transit reservation fees.  Data produced by the Panama Canal Authority – read now
  • Tariff changes summary table – Everything you need to know about the tariff changes by vessel type – read now


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