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Container volume in China is up over 20% this January

The data is in. Container volume in China is up over 20% YOY in eight ports this January. It’s not the only number to move

The biggest shipping agency in China

What is the biggest shipping agency in China?

State owned agencies aside, the biggest shipping agency in China is our partner in China and Singapore, Oceanfavor Group. They are not only the biggest,

Shipping Chinese New Year

Shipping during Chinese New Year 2021

Shipping during Chinese New Year is looking very different this year.  As Seatrade Martime News points out in this article: Container lines are hardly cancelling

Cartagena port Spain

Something exciting is happening at Cartagena port, Spain

Repsol is building the first advanced, low-emission biofuel plant in Spain. Read about how this plant will reduce 900,000 tons of CO2 per year in

Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report 2020

Attacks on vessels and unauthorised boardings are all summarised in this live piracy and armed robbery report from Commercial Crime Services (a specialised division of

All your travel information in a couple of clicks

Do you wish there was one place you could get all your travel information during COVID? Look no further, Travel Vitals from AMEX give you

The surprising fact about cargo volumes in Brazil this year

Ports are moving less cargo due to congestion this year. WRONG! Brazil’s ports moved more cargo in the first four months of the year than

Will Doha become the next ‘Saudi Arabia of gas’?

Is Doha set to become ‘Saudi Arabia of gas’?  The biggest producer of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the world is investing billions in a

Everything you need to know about port congestion

Find out what the trend is for port congestion in this article, by American Shipper. Includes: The volume of tankers at anchorage for 10+ days

A to Z on where you can fly this summer

Where you can fly to this summer in one, interactive map created by IATA, giving all the answers you need about flight travel restrictions due