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Local means committed
Our agents are dedicated, and specialised in their ports.

Our shipping agents have proven their services to us and shown that they have the resolve to do what it takes to deliver. Their devotion translates into minimised delays and operational costs for our clients.


Shipping agent working in Panama
  • Panama Canal transit forecasts and reservation system specialist.
  • Provide accurate daily transit prospects and waiting times.
  • Anticipate problems and their solutions.
  • Monitor cargo temperature and API.
  • STS coordinators.


Shipping agent working in Malta
  • One stop-shop for all Maltese shipping needs.
  • STS provider.
  • Warehousing facilities.
  • Bunkering attendants.
  • Offshore services attendance.
  • Cost and time savings by consolidating services under one agent.


Hold cleaning and washing services
  • Cargo hold cleaning & washing services with certified equipment.
  • Employee mobilisation to your vessel within 24 hours.
  • Highly-skilled and reliable professionals available to assist worldwide.
  • Preparation of the holds for charging after cargo e.g.: coal, pet coke, cement lime, manganese ore, metal scrap.
  • Tank cleaning.

Golden Masts

Shipping agent working in Iraq
  • 14 years in the market.
  • Own team on the ground, who are experts from the maritime industry.
  • Good relationship with the local authorities.


Shipping agent working in the Middle East
  • 100% owned offices across the entire Middle East.
  • Fleet of 7 crew launch boats for delivering husbandry services in Fujairah and Ras Tanura.
  • More than 100 years of experience handling ships and their cargo, liners and offshore military and navy across the Middle east.


Shipping agent working in Ukraine
  • Established in 1999.
  • Ensure a smooth and efficient port turnaround for a profitable ship operation.
  • Centered on minimizing risks and avoiding extra cost.
  • Ship agency – Protective agency – Husbandry services.

“Due to the nature of shipping, uncertainty will always play a factor, however I strive to reduce that from impacting my customers’ businesses by giving them a reliable and personalised service.” Martaxelle Erussard


Shipping agent working in Sri Lanka
  • Almost 150 years in shipping (established in 1871).
  • Strong relationships with service providers and port authorities.
  • Cover all major ports in Sri Lanka.
  • Fully licensed ship agent, registered with the Ceylon Association of Ships’ Agents.
  • Offer ships, crew and cargo services, as well as marine lubricants and bunker brokering.


Shipping agent working in Kenya
  • One of the leading shipping and logistics companies in Kenya.
  • Competitive fees, arms clearance & temporary imports.
  • Delivery onshore /offshore warehousing & storage services.
  • Marine agency break bulk & oil tanker, passengers and navy vessels.
  • Freight forwarding and customs clearance services.

Ocean Favor

Shipping agent working in China and Singapore
  • Strong relationships with local port authorities and government departments.
  • Proven track record of fastest turnaround of bunkering ships.
  • One of the most influential shipping agents in China.
  • Expansion into domestic waterway logistics.

The SAI Group

Shipping agent working in India
  • 40 years in the Shipping Industry.
  • Focus on operational excellence with consistent quality and cost effective services.
  • Shipping Agency / Chartering / Ship Operating / Ship Owners / Ship Management.
  • Registered in Mumbai port as stevedores.


Shipping agent working in Spain, Portugal, North & West Africa
  • Experienced maritime professionals.
  • Bunker attendants.
  • Off port limits services, to save on port costs.
  • Issuance & Switch B/L services.

Williams Maritime Services

Shipping agent working in Brazil
  • Family owned business for over 100 years.
  • Offers a full coverage of all Brazilian ports.
  • Preferential rates on tug boats in the main Brazilian ports.
  • Market intelligence on key commodities (fertilisers, grains, etc.).


Shipping agent working in Chile, Ecuador, Columbia & Peru
  • Independent and dynamic offices.
  • Swift documentation process.
  • Highly experienced personnel with excellent local knowledge of port terminals.