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Month: July 26, 2022

Grain shipments Ukraine

Grains shipments to be released in Ukraine

Finally, some good news regarding food supply…grain shipments are being released in Ukraine. This follows an agreement between Ukraine and Russia signed on Friday, 22nd

Lockdown in China

Millions in lockdown in China as COVID cases surge

Millions in lockdown in China China yesterday reported its highest number of coronavirus cases since May, with millions in lockdown over the weekend. Shanghai has

changes to Panama Canal's tolls

Positive changes to Panama Canal’s tolls

Following the consultation period on the new payment structure, there have been positive changes to the Panama Canal’s tolls.  Since the new tolls were proposed

Strike in Tema Ghana

Strike in Tema, Ghana coming to an end

Following yesterday’s update (Wednesday, 13 July), everyone involved will be happy to hear that the strike in Tema, Ghana is coming to an end. Port

Panama protests

Panama protests taking a toll on shipping

Protests have broken out across the whole of Panama in response to rising living costs. Here’s the low down: We expect protests to last the

Strike in Tema Ghana

Strike in Tema, Ghana multiple shipping services affected

Since Tuesday evening (12th July), the port authorities at Tema port, Ghana have gone on strike. The situation No tug or pilot services are available,

Tanzania brings forward amendment

TANZANIA brings FORWARD amendment to agency activities

While originally scheduled for September 2022, the Tanzanian Government has fast-tracked the return of private agency services in Tanzania. As of 1st July 2022, the

Panama Canal's June lane outages

Panama Canal’s June lane outages in THREE key documents

The Panama Canal authorities have confirmed lane outages commencing on July 12th, 2022 at 0001hrs lasting until July 20th, 2022 at 2359hrs. During this period,

COVID resurges in China, bringing new measures with it

COVID resurges in China.  Similar to what we are seeing in Europe, now, in July 2022, some areas of China are facing increased cases of