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Month: June 24, 2020

Everything You Need To Know About Shipping In China – Week 26

For the latest updates on shipping in China, see this weeks’ report (week 26) from Ocean Favor  our agent in China and Singapore and the biggest

A to Z on where you can fly this summer

Where you can fly to this summer in one, interactive map created by IATA, giving all the answers you need about flight travel restrictions due

IMO webinar

Tune in to the IMO’s webinar on crew changes, repatriation etc. during COVID: Wednesday, 24 June 10:30 (London time) Click here to attend (no registration

The Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM) is not welcome!

Are you thinking about your summer holiday? A ‘staycation’ or travelling somewhere where COVID-19 restrictions allow? You are not the only one facing tough travel

Everything you need to know about shipping in China – week 25

Have you read our latest 5 page report on China? Shared once a week with everything you need to know about shipping in China, it

What should you do if there is a COVID-19 case on board your vessel?

Consult this 12 page document from the World Health Organization (WHO) giving operational considerations for managing COVID-19 cases and outbreaks on board vessels. Do you

Panama Canal protective masks required

To avoid delays in transit, as well as fines or additional charges, ensure those of your officers and crew who may come in contact with

Everything You Need To Know About Shipping In India UPDATED

The Government of India has extended the ongoing lockdown until 30th June 2020 in containment zones, essential services are exempt. Port Operations have been classified

The lowdown on global crude oil inventories

Wondering what has been going on with crude oil so far this year? Kpler has the lowdown for you with this month-on-month graph giving you

Rosneft’s new trading arm in Geneva

Rosneft’s Geneva trading arm continues, though not as we know it, and unsurprisingly, with no sign of Venezuela.  Find out what the future looks like